“We aren't just losing our sense of history, we are losing sense of our heritage”

Your generous support will ensure that the legacies of these incredible Americans will live on forever and that future generations will have access to their stories.



We have partnered with OregonASK, a recognixed leader in after school and summer learning programs  to build our curriculum.  The curriculum will be adaptable for use by schools, individuals, student groups and service organizations, to name a few.


Wells Fargo, The Stoller Trust and other corporate donors have contributed enough capital to allow us to hire an executive director and launch this program with our initial schools. We are offering a tax-deductible sponsorship opportunity to local business leaders, which allows them to sponsor individual schools for $1,500.00 each. Businesses can sponsor one or more schools in their community. This sponsorship will fund the operational costs of launching this program into the 2017/2018 school year.