In classrooms and libraries across the state,  The Mighty Endeavor offers students an opportunity to help preserve history while building skills they need for life.

A curriculum has been developed for use by librarians, teachers, after-school groups, and other organizations. The current version is designed to be implemented in  individual or team settings, and includes multiple opportunities for integration into language arts, history and technology instruction.  

Download the Mighty Endeavor curriculum HERE or click the image below. 

To learn more about how to incorporate the program into an existing curriculum, please send an email to with the subject line: Curriculum

The hard skills and soft skills developed in the various components of the project are transferable to many vocations.  Participants will:

  • Develop listening skills as they interact with senior citizens in order to hear and record their stories.
  • Increase their personal perspective of our history, through the eyes of those who experienced it first hand.  
  • Increase their narrative writing and documentation skill sets.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the research process and the importance of sourcing, referencing, and citation.
  • Increase personal communication skills while engaging with other students, adults, and senior citizens.  If students are fortunate enough to have an opportunity to meet with a WWII veterans, it will likely become a memorable time, growing in significance as time goes by.
  • Utilze and perfect computer skills used to research, upload and edit material on the Veterans' Legacies database. 


The database,, is home to the stories, images and history of our veterans.  The Veterans' Legacies database was created in 2012 to meet the growing need for an accessible, interactive, online resource for information about our veterans.  The database is a wiki-enabled, rules-driven aggregation platform that allows for mass importation of content, as well as providing individuals the ability to tell their family’s stories., is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit operated by an executive director and volunteer board members.  The site is being improved continuously, in response to an evolving array of educational and resource applications.  For questions about how to contribute to the project, or one of our partnering organizations, send your inquiry to