It takes an Army to Save History

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The Mighty Endeavor activates partnerships around the state to engage school-ages students, libraries, veterans and youth organizations. All information gathered will be uploaded to the Veterans' Legacies database at  Once a veteran’s story is entered, it will become part of a free resource that will serve current and future generations.



We began this Mighty Endeavor in the Northwest, collecting WWII histories of those who enlisted from Oregon, or moved here after the war.  While this initial phase of The Mighty Endeavor has grown out of work being done in Oregon, we encourage those all across the country to contribute information to the Veterans' Legacies database.  


To gather the stories there are various methods of research available.  Whether communicating via email, phone, Skype, or face-to-face interview, we encourage those involved to seek out photos, video, an journals to include in the stories about each veteran. The uploaded information about each veteran, known as a VETERAN BIO, will become part of the Veterans' Legacies database,  easily accessible and free to use. Every image, video clip, and scanned document will serve to tell the story of the men and women who served.

The database,, is a public site, accessible to all, at no charge. To upload a veteran's bio, or look for information about someone who served, go to


The goal is to collect stories of approximately 152,000 WWII veterans who enlisted from Oregon.

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Working closely with the National Archives, the Mighty Endeavor has uploaded approximately 90,000 records of veterans who enlisted from Oregon. These records will be searchable by city and county and will give our researches a name and basic information to begin  building a biography from.

In partnership with OregonASK, the State Library of Oregon, the Oregon Historical Society, Oregon WWII Memorial, the Oregon Military Museum, volunteers throughout the state will embark on a grassroots journey to connect with individuals and their families. Individuals and families are encouraged to participate as well!


Through a coordinated communication effort, The Mighty Endeavor has developed a curriculum to provide guidelines, instructions and support for those interested in working on the project.

We encourage teachers, students, families, and services groups to take on this project in local communities to help ensure that we reach the largest number of veterans and individuals who participated in the war effort.