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Siege of Bastogne

The Siege of Bastogne was an engagement in December 1944 between American and German forces at the Belgian town of Bastogne, as part of the larger Battle of the Bulge.

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Helmand Province Campaign

The Helmand province campaign was a series of military operations conducted by the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) forces against Taliban insurgents in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. Their objective was to control a province that was known to be a Taliban stronghold, and a center of opium production.

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Pacific Theater WWII Battle Details
Iwo Jima Battle Details

60,000 soldiers and US Marines of the US Tenth Army stormed ashore at Okinawa on April1. 1945. Okinawa was captured on June 4, 1945. 

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The Guadalcanal Campaign, also known as the Battle of Guadalcanal and codenamed Operation Watchtower by American forces, was a military campaign fought between 7 August 1942 and 9 February 1943 on and around the island of Guadalcanal in the Pacific theater of World War II. It was the first major offensive by Allied forces against the Empire of Japan.

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Battle of Aachen Battle Details
Invasion of Normandy (D-Day) Operation Overload

The Western Allies of World War II launched one of the largest amphibious invasions in history when they assaulted Normandy, located on the northern coast of France, on 6 June 1944. The invaders were able to establish a beachhead as part of Operation Overlord after a successful "D-Day," the first day of the invasion.

Allied land forces came from the United States, Britain, Canada, and Free French forces. In the weeks following the invasion, Polish forces and contingents from Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Greece and the Netherlands participated in the ground campaign; most also provided air and naval support alongside elements of the Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal New Zealand Air Force, and the Royal Norwegian Navy.

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Battle of the Chosin Reservoir Battle Details
Kosovo Battle Details
Operation Iraq Freedom Battle Details
Invasion of Italy Battle Details
The Battle of Monte Cassino Battle Details
The Battle of Manila

The Battle of Manila lasted exactly one month, from February 3 to March 3, 1945. The battle was incredibly destructive and violent, reducing Manila, the capital of the Philippines, to rubble.

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Battle of Leyte Island Battle Details
European Theater Battle Details
Invasion of Saipan Battle Details
Battle of Tarawa Atoll Battle Details
Invasion of Roi Island Battle Details
Battle of Balikpapan Battle Details
Battle of Badung Strait Battle Details
Battle of the Java Sea Battle Details
Philippines Battle Details
Battle of Wake Island

The Battle of Wake Island took place from December 8-23, 1941.Wake Island is an unincorporated territory of the United States in the Pacific Ocean, around 2,000 miles from Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Battle of the Anzio Beachhead Battle Details
The Battle of Midway Battle Details
The Battle of Attu Battle Details
Battle of the Coral Sea Battle Details
The Battle of Peleliu Battle Details
The Manhattan Project Battle Details
The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Battle Details
The Battle of Tarawa Battle Details
Island Hopping Battle Details
Pearl Harbor Battle Details
The Invasion of North Africa Battle Details
The Battle of Kasserine Pass Battle Details
The Battle of Anzio Battle Details
The Battle of Saipan Battle Details
Italian Battles Battle Details
Korean War Battles (General) Battle Details
General Battles (Vietnam) Battle Details
Rhone Valley (France) Battle Details
Invasion of Normandy, France Battle Details
Battle at Cape Gloucester, New Britain Battle Details
Battles in Germany (General) Battle Details
Battles in France (General Battle Details
General Battles (WWI) Battle Details
Solomon Islands Battle Details
Battle of Arloncourt, Belgium Battle Details
The Battle of Aachen Battle Details