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The Mighty Endeavor is powered by Veterans’ Legacies, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit created to provide a resource for students, educators, historians, families, and the general public. Veterans' Legacies is dedicated to the collection of veterans’ stories in order to preserve and share them for generations to come - Giving Veterans a voice and an audience to hear it.

PRESERVE, HONOR, EDUCATE - Mighty Endeavor is a collaborative effort to preserve and share the stories of those who serve and have served our nation. Mighty Endeavor calls upon individuals and groups to interview, research, and gather the personal stories of the brave men and women who have served and protected our nation and use those stories to educate students nationwide.


It is estimated that we are losing more than 350 WWII veterans every day, and in just a few years, the oldest living veterans will have passed. With the number of WWII veterans fast diminishing. Our opportunities to collect their personal stories are fading fast.   But, we are not solely focused on our WWII veterans, we are also working to gather the stories of veterans from all eras, services, and levels military experience.


With your help, Oregon will become the first state in the nation with a historical account of every WWII veteran who enlisted from our state. This effort will be replicated in other states, using Oregon’s experience as a model.

This website offers a downloadable curriculum to guide educators in classroom instruction and facilitation. The curriculum also provides instructions for general directions for researching, interviewing, recording, and uploading processes for the Veterans' Legacies database.

Thanks to the generous donations of foundations like the Reser Family Foundation, our latest additions to the curriculum include inclusiveness modules that help students understand the role diversity has played in our military history. The new modules focus on contributions that women and persons of African, Asian-Pacific Island, and Latin decent have made in helping to protect and preserve our freedom.


Veterans’ Legacies is a 501(c)(3) non-profit created to provide an online resource for students, educators and the general public. Veterans' Legacies is dedicated to the collection of veterans’ stories in order to preserve and share them for generations to come.. To search or contribute to this free database, go to


“Creating the next generation of historians, journalists, archivists and filmmakers by preserving our past.”

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Each day we lose hundreds of the few remaining WWII veterans. The Mighty Endeavor is charged with collecting and sharing the stories of those who were part of the Greatest Generation.  We are working urgently to engage communities around the state to help gather first and second-hand accounts of our veterans.  

Engaging with our past teaches many soft skills transferable to many vocations. In addition to building skills, individuals will improve their ability listen to older people, develop empathy, and create strong writing and documentation skills sets. For many veterans, providing an opportunity to share their experiences promotes both healing and understanding.



The Veterans’ Legacies project was designed and launched in 2012. The database is easy to use, but very complex to build. It is a wiki-enabled, rules-driven aggregation platform that enables the mass importation of content.  In an ongoing effort to improve the user experience on the site, we welcome feedback so that we may make improvements.  We aim to make it as easy as possible for individuals to share stories, images and details of our veterans. The database, online at We aim to create a place for learning, sharing and preserving history.


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